Internet Relay Chat – Internet of Things 
The universal protocol for building Internet of Things

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  python-irciot-0.0.7.tgz ... 2018-09-11: Very first surviving version of PyIRCIoT library
     5059 bytes, SHA256: 5de83e179aeff6b5b64d89851ba4f3fae40906513eb6461c98ed3655755984d2
  PyIRCIoT-0.0.225.tar.gz ... 2020-10-15: One of the latest versions of the PyIRCIoT library
   178382 bytes, SHA256: 698878e9ee163b9e7bdc5544bb4aba642a3c4cf544a2fe5edc9f88fb631eb1b2
rusnet-1.4.25.tar.gz ...... 2011-08-31: The latest known official version of the RusNet IRCd  811852 bytes, SHA256: d78093201555aad410d0f72f4455b56a6ed90264c390a6111d3d45762904df75 rusnet-1.5.23.tar.gz ...... 2011-09-01: other version numbering, latest known RusNet IRCd  972212 bytes, SHA256: 3c708450062229d0fab09150923395345b05a34de37a8daae38a67f6b30e32bd